# B A T E S G E O R O C K S

Admittedly, I often forget I even have a blog.

Instagram tends to be my main go-to social platform these days (you can find me here) but with lots going on and new collections on the way,  check back over on the blog for all the extra juicy details!

So, to kickstart my reunion, here are a couple of FABULOUS shots of my ‘Geo Rocks’ taken by the super talented, Stefanie Calleja-Gera! (Follow her on Instagram @STEFCGPHOTOGRAPHY ) DAMN she’s good 😉

+ Featured are a couple of my absolute favourite and most-loved over the years, particularly the Kite pendant (Top-Right) and Split Panel Rings (Mid-Right). Everyday staples like the Tri-Angle earrings and my BRAND N E W hand-carved ‘Heavy Kite Stackers’. These rings are my new favourite. ever. Wear them back to front to stack up, or fly solo! Add some GLAM and go for a Diamond-studded one (yes, it’s real, and it’s amazing. Like the unicorn- pics coming soon)

See you soon,




It’s that time of year again!..

If you’re looking to place an order to arrive in time, these are the FINAL post dates, so be sure to order in time to avoid any disappointment.

I have only a few spots left for commission work, please get in touch as soon as possible if you would like something custom made.

Wednesday 29th November
Africa, Middle East
monday 4th December
Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Eastern Europe
(except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia)
Tuesday 5th December
Caribbean, Central and South America
Thursday 7th December
Australia, Greece, New Zealand
Monday 11th December
Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
Tuesday 12th December
Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA
Wednesday 13th December
Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal,
Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia,
Spain, Switzerland
Thursday 14th December
Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg


STRIPPED | 13.9.16

Read Tigerlily’s full review of my DOUBLE CUBE DROP EARRINGS here and gorgeous shots ❤

“It’s incredible when something makes you feel good when you’re stripped bare in front of a camera without a hint of skin smoothing Photoshop magic and no make-up artist to hand. These earrings make me feel that way, isn’t that special?…”


A Valentine…

Until midnight 14th February, take an extra 10% off my Geometric Heart Stud earrings! Just visit my online shop HERE and enter the code ‘AVALENTINE’ when checking out!


(p.s: There is also a hidden 20% off code if you can find it- enjoy!…)

In Profile feature with The Inside Jeweller

A huge thank you to Lucinda behind The Inside Jeweller for her In Profile feature about myself and my Jewellery:

I first came across this incredibly talented jewellery designer when her cube drop earrings caught my eye for their simplistic architectural design. I loved the earrings so much that I featured them as my Pick of the Week. Fueled with intrigue and a love for her style, I was eager to find out more about the maker behind these wearable pieces of art.

To read the rest of the article, and for more Jewellery inspiration, visit: http://www.theinsidejeweller.com/2014/12/stephanie-bates/