Luxe Fashion & Fine Jewellery. Sentimental adornment & Future Heirlooms. Timeless statement pieces by Cotswolds based Jewellery Designer & Goldsmith, Stephanie Bates.


C O M M I S S I O N S  W E L C O M E

Stephanie has a strong focus on clean lines, known for her bold, geometric style, with a sensitive approach to detail from the start to finish of each piece that she creates.

C H A N G E S  IN  S T A T E:
“Inspired by architecture and continuous state through destruction and development, Stephanie’s designs have developed through a process of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction. Attracted to the linear frameworks that create space and pattern, coupled with a fondness for Mathematics, Stephanie’s collections have evolved to create large-scale wearable art structures, and her luxury fine-fashion collections, including her ‘Kite’ series.”